How to Wipe in Lotro: Part I

(I’ve had these sitting around for quite a while so why not post them first to make mommy feel better?)

No, this isn’t a guide on how to wipe on raid bosses. It’s a guide on what you can use to wipe at the public outhouse so you don’t get your fancy kin house all messy, because unfortunately at the time of this writing toilet paper does not yet exist in Middle-earth. (Good thing there’s no coronavirus there, or else what would we panic buy?)

Dear good people of non-Middle-Earth, here are some alterntive things you can learn to wipe with when the most valuable commodity, toilet paper, is not readily available. Without further ado, let me present…the Creative Ways You Can Wipe in Lotro!

Also, first time I’m featuring my champ, the almighty Lavrilia Meatgrinder! FEAR THE SHING-SHING!

1. Wipe with your map

And you’d think eagles would have proper toilet manners…

2. Ask your tailor friend to craft you a cheapo cloth armour

To Be Continued.

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